Chill Tips

Q: Why is maintenance important?

It is very important to regularly maintain your air conditioning unit because it will make it more efficient.

Q: How often do I replace my systems filters?

We recommend that you replace your filter every 

12 months, the average lifespan of a filter.

Q: How do I know when

to replace my system cartridges?

As part of the Smart Chill service, we can offer to send out an SMS reminder roughly

a month before

12 months has elapsed. 

Smart Chill Have Put Together 

Some Tips'n'Tricks

for you to help maintain your air conditioning system

Imagine your body is wrapped in a woollen blanket on a summer day.

The woollen blanket prevents heat in your body from escaping,

causing your body to overheat. 


Your air conditioner goes through this same struggle every year when it gets covered in leaves, dust and dirt. And it’s costing you money.


Here’s why.


Look at the outside unit and the grilles, their job is to release

heat the refrigerant absorbed from your indoor air.


But if the outside unit’s condenser coils, what the refrigerant flows through,

are covered in dirt, it can’t release the heat. Just like your body when

wrapped in a woollen blanket.


So, the air conditioner needs to run longer to cool your home.

You spend more money.

The air conditioner risks overheating.

Overheating may lead to a breakdown on the hottest day of the year.

Go to the Tip pages for the inside and outside unit maintenance.