Keeping comfortable has a lot to do with having the right air conditioning system at home, and we have just the solutions for you. After choosing a ducted air conditioning system, you will enjoy discreet air conditioned comfort throughout your entire home. Conveniently, it can be installed in a new or an existing home.


Once installed, only the controller and the air grilles are visible inside your home. 


With access to the best products, Smart Chill will work with you to choose a ducted system that works for you and fits your budget.

  • Concealed installation: The compressor is placed outside your home, while the indoor unit is installed in the ceiling or even under the floor, making it easy for you to enjoy a clutter-free look

  • Zones: Gives you total control of the airflow to every room in the house to allow total climate control and comfort. Example: Zone 1: Bedrooms 1, Zone 2: Kitchen and Family Room, Zone 3: Dining and Living Room etc

  • Saving Energy: More energy efficient saving on your electricity bills

  • Fully WiFi-enabled systems For total control from your Smart Phone and remotely if you're not at home

  • Temperature Sensors for each zone to maximise energy efficiency  

  • Wall Controller: Easy access to all features

  • Fully Programmable: Temperatures, 7 Day clock, fan speed, zones

  • Reverse Cycle: Heating and cooling

  • Total Comfort: Customise every room

  • Wall Controller: Mounted in a convenient location.

Starting from $7500 (plus gst) 

supply & install

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