Feeling sluggish and noticed

you're using more energy.

Let Smart Chill give you a tune up. Fully.

Basic Servicing. Full Tune Up.

Scheduled Preventative Maintenance Programmes.

Smart Chill Servicing, Maintenance and Repairs offers more ways to improve the comfort and efficiency of your system. Most commonly, an air conditioner's filters, coils, and fins require regular maintenance for the unit to function efficiently. Neglecting maintenance ensures a steady decline in its performance while your energy use steadily increases.

We can perform a full maintenance of your home, office or commercial space air conditioning system and help you to understand more ways to improve your comfort and the efficiency of your system.

Our highly skilled technicians can check and service your system on a regular basis to ensure any problems are identified before they become major and more costly issues.


We can tailor a maintenance schedule to suit your specific requirements.

Breakdown Service. Repairs. Maintenance.

Commercial Refrigeration 24/7

Air Conditioning Service Checklist

Thermostat. Air Filter. Bearing. Condenser. Coil. Drain. Refrigerant. Wiring. Capacitors. Fan Blade. Ducting. Service Valves. Supply/Return. Compressor.

More cool, less interruption.

Quick and reliable. All major brands. Efficient Solutions. Genuine parts. No call out fee. No hidden fees. Service Warranty.

Service. Repairs. Maintenance.



Dismantle. Clean. Sanitise.

Filter. Check.