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Air Conditioning Systems


Split Systems.

If you are looking to beat the heat this summer, then choosing a split system air conditioner is a great idea, as they are known for their efficiency in performance.


Split Systems come in different sizes and forms and give you ultimate climate control without stretching the budget. The wall mounted systems are the most common as they are sleek, stylish, whisper-quiet, easy to use and cost effective.

Split Systems are made up of wall or floor mounted indoor unit/s and an external compressor, ranging from 2.0kW to 10.0kW, we have a system to suit you. Also available in reverse cycle providing cooling in summer and heating in winter; or cool only models when heating isn't necessary.

All the best brands are available through Smart Chill and selecting one based on your requirements and budget is easy.

Energy Efficiency. WiFi Enabled. Motion Detection. Self Diagnostic Function. Economy Operation. Auto On/Off Mode. Memory

Operation. Removable Air Filters. Auto Select Cool / Heat / Dry / Fan. 

Air Circulation. Timer. Easy Care & Maintenance.




Ducted Systems.

Keeping comfortable has a lot to do with having the right air conditioning system at home, and we have just the solution for you. After choosing a ducted air conditioning system, you will enjoy discreet air conditioned comfort throughout your entire home. Conveniently, it can be installed in a new or an existing home.


Once installed, only the controller and the air grilles are visible inside your home. With access to the best products, Smart Chill will work with you to choose a ducted system that works for you and fits your budget.


Discreet installation of the compressor outside your home, while the indoor unit is concealed in the ceiling or under the floor

Zoning with individual WiFi temperature sensors installed into each room will give you total control of the airflow to 'comfortise' every room in the house allowing total climate control and comfort all year round

Energy efficiency with temperature sensors for each zone to maximise energy efficiency

All systems come with 5 years warranty  

Fully WiFi-enabled system from your Smart Phone, even if you're not at home

Fully Programmable Wall Controller of Temperatures, 7 Day clock, fan speed, zones

Reverse Cycle: Heating and cooling




Air Purifiers.

Daikin Air Purifiers improve the quality of your air indoors with its advanced technology, compact portable design and ultra quiet operation. Purify the air in your home by eliminating bacteria, airborne particles and odours.


Don't compromise on health and comfort. Breathe easy with Daikin's Air Purifier.


Daikin Air Purifiers improve the quality of your air indoors with its advanced 6-layer filtration technology which purifies the air in your home by eliminating bacteria, mould spores, airborne particles, allergens, dust, pollen, and unpleasant odours.

It is also ultra quiet with operating sound levels of as low as 16dBA which means you not only sleep soundly at night, but also with peace of mind.


Indoor air purification

Advanced filtration technology

Room sizes up to 46m²

5 Year Warranty



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